This solar pump system includes a photovoltaic (PV) panel, an electronic motor controller and an AC motor. The electronic motor controller is a combination of an inverter, maximum power point tracking (MPPT), a variable-frequency drive (VFD), and a communication module. It uses power generated from the solar panel and an electronics controller card (with the MPPT algorithm and an inverter drive) runs the AC induction or permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) motor.

System Benefits​:

  • With the MPPT function, this solution regulates the output frequency, based on level of sunlight, in real time to achieve maximum power. Adopting the proposed dynamic VI MPPT control method, fast response and stable operation is possible (better than conventional methods) and avoids water hammer damage when sunlight intensity on the array changes rapidly.
  • Solar pump controller utilizes energy from sunlight, so it does not need to use a battery or starter, making it extremely cost-effective.
  • Solar pump controller has zero emission greenhouse gases.
  • Lower operation expenses compared to diesel pumps.

Target Applications:

  • Agricultural submersible pumps
  • Home surface pumps
Solar Irrigation Pump Controller