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Communication with Local Residents

Yonezawa Factory of Renesas Semiconductor Package & Test Solutions Co., Ltd., donated a wheelchair to Yonezawa Technical High School on July 3, 2018. This activity has continued since 2001. The employees of the Yonezawa factory collect aluminum cans no longer in use at home to exchange 500 kg of the collected cans with an aluminum wheelchair, and sequentially donate the wheelchair to neighboring hospitals and welfare facilities. This is the 12th donation of the wheelchairs.

Through recycling activities in this effort, we were able to raise employee environmental awareness and promote our CSR activities.

image, Donated a wheelchair to Yonezawa Technical High School

As part of the environmental activities for fiscal 2018, we actively implemented local cleanup activities at each base, including the following three bases.

  • Naka Factory: Cleaning the area around the factory by staff members (each month)
  • Takasaki Factory: Takasaki City Clean Up Campaign (June)
  • Kawashiri Factory: Environment Beautification Activity (June)

Environmental Basic Education

The environmental education program of the Group (for domestic employees) is conducted by separating it into general education and specialized education.

In the general environmental education program, the Group provides basic environmental education to help all our Group executives and employees acquire necessary environmental knowledge mainly through online sessions. Meanwhile, the specialized, operation-specific environmental education program has been designed to allow employees to gain the environmental knowledge required for their respective operations. This program offers education and training specific to the individual fields of development, design, sales and manufacturing. Finally, the ISO 14001 and ISO 19011 education programs help employees understand the certification systems and help internal auditors develop their auditing skills.

Program Purpose FY 2018 target
General Environmental Education Raising the environmental awareness of employees
  • Basic environmental education (for all Group employees)
  • Position-specific education (new employees/new leaders/new managers)
Specialized Environmental Education (ISO14001・ISO19011 Education) Gaining environmental knowledge required for operations
  • Environmental education for the development, design, and sales divisions
  • Environmental education for sales strategists
  • Environmental education for manufacturing divisions
  • Understanding the ISO 14001 and the ISO 19011 certification system
  • Developing the skills of internal auditors
  • Basic ISO 14001 education
  • ISO 19011 education
  • Internal auditor education

Renesas Electronics Environmental Education System

FY 2018 Achievement

We provided general education about the latest environmental problems and the environmental laws and regulations for new manager and superviser and the staff of the sales divisions. Additionally, we provide environmental basic education (online sessions : e-learning) to all employees of Renesas Electronics Group. Therefore, from the start of the basic education in 2011, the number of participants has increased year after year partly because all employees aim to complete the education as part of their environmental activities assigned by their division or department. We check the effectiveness of this education by questionnaire to the participants and feed back the result to educational materials.


graph, Trends in attendance rate for basic environmental training and rate of comprehension

Trends in attendance rate for basic environmental training and rate of comprehension

Comments from Environmental Education Participants

  • I thought it was necessary to take immediate action against environmental issues that seriously influence our daily life. I would like to make a contribution to environmental protection by promoting familiar ecological activities.
  • I once again realized the serious situation of the global warming issue. Even though a single person's ability is limited, it is necessary for the whole company to unite and contribute to environmental protection.
  • The contents of the training session were based on our current reality, for example, it includes the Paris Agreement and so on. So it was very helpful. My understanding of the importance of biodiversity has deepened.
  • For the children of the next generation, I thought it is necessary to seriously consider the preparation for the future where there is exhaustion of fossil fuels.

Biodiversity Conservation Activities

As part of efforts to conserve biodiversity, the Nishiki factory of Renesas Electronics Corporation grows Rosa multiflora var. adenochaeta, which is the town flower of Nishikmachi and designated a vulnerable species, on its premises.

At the 10th conference of the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP10), the Aichi Target (2020 target) was adopted. We registered the biological diversity protection project, Nijumaru Project*, as a member and declared contribution to the biological diversity protection (Nijumaru Declaration).

* Nijumaru Project performed by Japan committee for IUCN (IUCN-J). (“Nijumaru” means “excellent”).

image, Rosa multiflora var. adenochaeta at the Nishiki factory

Rosa multiflora var. adenochaeta at the Nishiki factory

Participation in Environmental Reporting Platform Development Project

The Environmental Reporting Platform Development Pilot Project is a project designed by the Ministry of the Environment in response to the increasing demands for disclosure of information on Environment, Society and Governance (ESG) . We have participated in this project since 2015 and make efforts to disclose the environmental information properly.

Forest Preservation Activities

The Group conducts forest conservation activities in various places.

In FY 2018, the Kawashiri factory in Kumamoto obtained CO2 sink certification for 44.08 tons.

image, Kawashiri Factory received a certificate


The Takasaki site of Renesas Electronics Corporation received the Grand Prize on February 5, 2019, from the chairperson of the 2018 Kanto Area Efficient Use of Electricity Committee. This prize is granted to plants, establishments, and individuals that have contributed significantly to the effective use of electric power, the promotion of energy saving, and the improvement of the load factor. In the future, the Renesas Group will continue implementing energy-saving promotion activities.

image, Awards ceremony

image, Award certificate

Renesas Semiconductor Kuala Lumpur Sdn. Bhd. promotes thermal recycling and waste reduction. In recognition of this activity, the company was certified as one of the top 30 companies in Malaysia for fiscal 2018 and received a letter of appreciation from the Jabatan Pengurusan Sisa Pepejal Negara (JPSPN, the National Solid Waste Management Department of Malaysia).

Letter of thanks

Sustainability Index Logomark

The REL Group was selected as one of the brands for the 2019 SNAM Sustainability Index established by Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Asset Management Co., Ltd. (SNAM), which allowed the Group to display the logomark of the Index. The SNAM Sustainable Operation whose operation started in August 2012 is a responsible investment product for pension funds and institutional investors that make investments in a variety of companies with a high ESG (environment, society and governance) reputation. The brands for the Index are reviewed annually based on the results of the Bunanomori Environment Questionnaire conducted by Sompo Health Support Inc. and the Integrex Survey conducted by Integrex Inc.

Sustainability Index Logomark

Sustainability Index Logomark 2019

Transmission of a variety of information

Issuance of site reports

Domestic sites and group companies issue site reports targeting mainly local residents:

  • Naka Factory, Renesas Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • Shiga Factory, Renesas Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • Takasaki District, Renesas Electronics Group (issued in the form of a bulletin)