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EDA Data

Renesas Electronics prepares the EDA symbols and simulation models for the development TAT shortening.
Please utilize your application development.

To aide in getting your design off the ground quickly, Renesas offers EDA Symbols for many of our popular products. Follow the simple steps below to download schematic symbols and PCB footprints in a vendor neutral format called a BXL file. Then use the Ultra Librarian Reader from Accelerated Designs, which Renesas provides as a free download, to quickly export symbols into a number of popular EDA tool formats including:




Simulation Models

You can download simulation data such as SPICE parameters or IBIS models for each product lineup shown below.

*: Links to each product information page.




You can download RF devices' S-parameters, SPICE parameters, CAD data, and information for evaluation boards.

Applicable products 2SC/NE series and μP series.


Free 3D Part Model Download

ePartFinder is a free 3D Part Model download service.

Over 1900 Renesas Electronics parts are available in ePartFinder.

Please make use of this service.