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R-Car W2H


The R-Car W2H is a system-on-chip (SoC) for V2X communication processor with a built-in high-performance security engine essential for V2X systems in Japan, the United States, and Europe. By combining with the R-Car W2R SoC compliant with the North American IEEE-802.11p communication standard for 5.9 GHz band in-vehicle wireless communication or the R-Car W1R SoC compliant with Japanese communication standards for 760 MHz band wireless communication, you can easily develop systems compliant with V2X standards in each region.

Tamper-proof technology of R-Car W2H's high-performance security engine

Renesas' V2X starter kit (RTK00V2XRC7746SAS) is compatible with standards in Japan, the US, and Europe

  • This kit combines the R-Car W1R and the R-Car W2H SoC, which is equipped with the optimal security IP for V2X, and all the components necessary for realizing a V2X unit are mounted.
  • This kit includes a driver and firmware which have been verified with ITS protocol partners.

Product Specifications

ItemR-Car W2H Specifications
Product Name (Part Number)R-Car W2H (R8A77460)
Power Supply Voltage1.8 V: (SD and JTAG), 1.2 V: (Core), 1.5 V: (DDR3-I/O SSTL),
2.5V : (PCI-express) ,3.3 V: (Others)
CPU CoreArm®Cortex®-A7 Dual SH-4AL
Cache MemoryL1 instruction cache: 32 KB
L1 data cache: 32 KB
L2 cache: 512 KB
L1 instruction cache: 32 KB
L1 data cache: 32 KB

External Memory
· Data bus width: 32 bits
Storage Interfaces· SD card host interface
· USB 2.0 host/function Interface
External Communication Interfaces· PCI Express interface
· Controller area Network (CAN) interface
V2X Security FunctionsHigh-speed ECDSA engine
NIST P-256 to 512, and Brainpool support
NIST / Brainpool dynamic switch function
AES 128 to 256 support
RSA, hash function, TRNG
Package501pin FC-BGA 21mm x 21mm /0.80 ball pitch
Operating TemperatureTc=-40 to +115℃