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This product is an emulator debugger (software) included with a Renesas' full-featured emulator package. Easy-to-use GUI (Graphical User Interface) and many advanced debugging features improve the debugging efficiency of applications on your target system.

This debugger also allows you to customize with a programming tool such as Microsoft Visual C++ or Visual Basic (the PDSDK COM kit required). For example, you can create a user-defined window and interface between the debugger and other COM-compliant applications.


Applicable Emulator

  • PC4701U (Emulator for M16C,7700,740 Family)
  • PC4701M (Discontinued product)
  • PC4701HS (Discontinued product)



*Included with an applicable emulator. Not available alone.


Dispositivos alvo

  • 7700 Family 77xx Series (16-bit)