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IECUBE for RL78 Family

The IECUBE for RL78 Family is a high-Performance full-spec emulator for RL78 Family MCU.
It provides high-performance debugging functions such as time measurement, coverage, and trace.
In addition, a self-testing function detects faults in the IECUBE and performs maintenance.

* Click here for the IECUBE for 78K.

Release Information

Software to be used Target devices
Latest Version Released Operating Environment


*Evaluation Software Download


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List of Functions Supported by CS+

V6.01.00 Jan. 22, 2018 Operating Environment

e² studio

*Evaluation Software Download


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*See the "Target devices".

V6.3.0 May. 21, 2018
IAR Embedded Workbench Note1 RL78 Contact IAR Systems.


1: As for tools produced by partners, Contact IAR Systems.


Details of upgrade (See Tool News)



  • Simple setup
    Full-spec emulator and emulation board in a single unit
  • Rich debugging functions
    Enhanced time measurement and real-time RAM monitoring functions
  • Enhanced maintenance features
    Self-testing function to detect faults in the IECUBE and performs maintenance
  • Compact and lightweight
    Easy to carry. Fits in the palm of your hand.



[Real-Time RAM Monitor Function]

Updates RAM values in real time.

[Trace Function with Time Tag Function]

The time per instruction unit can be recorded in the trace window.

[Performance Measurement Function]

Measures the time required for program functions to execute.

[Coverage Measurement Function]

The executed ratio can be measured for specific functions and actions.


  • Emulator main unit (IECUBE)
  • Softeware CD-ROM (USB driver is included.)
  • USB interface cable
  • User's Manuals

Note: For development work, a power supply adapter and options such as probe or socket compatible with the target device, all sold separately, are required. Refer to the system configuration example for details.


System Configuration Example

Optional Products (Sold Separately)

  • Emulation Probe (Required)
  • Exchange Adapter (Required)
  • Space Adapter
  • YQ Connector (Required)
  • Target Connector (Required)
  • Mount Adapter

    Optional product list of IECUBE for RL78 family [PDF]


  • Check pin adapter QB-144-CA-01
    * Usable in common with RL78, 78K0R, 78K0, 78K0S, V850.
    The pin header cover corresponded to the pin arrangement of the MCU is required. You can get the pin header cover package from the following package list. Please print the package and cut out the pin header cover for using.
    Package list of pin header cover [PDF]


    [Usage of Pin Header Cover]

Power Supply Adapter (Sold Separately)

Specifications of the power supply adapter, QB-COMMON-PW-xx, vary depending on the region. Be sure to use an adapter designed for your region.



Maximum operating frequency Depending on the target MCU
Emulation memory capacity Internal ROM Internal ROM capacity of target MCUs
Internal RAM Internal RAM capacity of target MCUs
Event For execution 8 points
For access 8 points
Break Hardware break 20 points Note1
Software break 2,000 points
Forced break Supported
Step execution Supported
Fail-safe break Supported
Trace Trace capacity 128K frame
Trace item
  • All orders (Address/ Data)
  • Access (Address/ Data)
  • Time stamp
Performance measurement Execution time measurement between the start and the stop of the program Supported
Measurement between events Supported (2 segments)
Result-display item of measurement between events

Total value, Number of passage,

Maximum value, Minimum value, Average value

Time-out break Supported
Real-time RAM monitor PC/ Internal RAM area Note2
Coverage Memory capacity Internal ROM gamut
External memory area
PC interface USB (USB 2.0, Full-speed/ High-speed, USB 1.1)
Operating Environment Refer to Operating Environments of Products.
External dimension (mm) 113mm × 109mm × 58-67mm Note3
Conformance with overseas standards European Standards: EN 55022 Class A, EN 55024
US FCC Standard: FCC part 15 Class A


  1. Items are 8 points of post-execution break, 8 points of Access break, and 4 points of before-execution break. The number of before-execution break varies depending on the settings position.
  2. For all memory areas except target memory area (out of the range that real-time RAM monitor is supported), pseudo RRM function that implements monitoring while pausing program execution is supported.
  3. Not including the protruding parts.


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