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DM-78K0R-KE3L (78K0R Low-Power Kit)

The DM-78K0R-KE3L kit is designed to demonstrate low power usage functionality for the CPU and on-chip peripherals of the Renesas 16-bit 78K0R/Kx3-L microcontrollers (MCUs), 64-pin (KE3-L) or 100-pin (KG3-L). The board can operate in standalone mode for evaluation of the MCU’s main features or can be connected to on-chip debugging and flash memory programming tool MINICUBE2™ (included).


  • Complete low-power demonstration kit for 78K0R/KE3-L MCU
  • Includes EB-78K0R-KE3L evaluation board
  • Includes MINICUBE2 debugger/programmer
  • Includes digital multimeter for current measurements