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Low Power Display Solution Kit

This solution solves the problem of low-power display technology across a broad array of products. The low-power RL78 MCU is a great complement to E Ink’s electronic paper technology. Together they provide an extremely low-power, thin, flexible segmented display solution at a very affordable price. This kit provides a simple solution which covers the system intelligence and software drivers needed to evaluate your design before going to mass production.


Key Features include:

  • Zero Power viewing (static)
  • Thin (360-600um)
  • Rugged: non-glass and shatterproof
  • Daylight readable and 180° viewing angle
  • Flexible design: can be made into any 2D shape


Low Power Display Solution Kit:

  • RL78/G14 RPB (Part No: YRPBRL78G14)
  • E Ink daughterboard with E Ink display (Part No: YDBRL78EINK)
  • Software drivers for the E Ink display
  • Demonstration and evaluation GUI




Document Title Issue Date
Size Product
Driving E Ink Segmented Displays 7 Dec 2012
730 kB Low Power Display Solution Kit Preliminary document
E Ink Programming Manual 7 Dec 2012
314 kB Low Power Display Solution Kit Preliminary document
Quick Start Guide (QSG) 11 Dec 2012 640 kB Low Power Display Solution Kit  
Board Schematics 11 Dec 2012 80 kB Low Power Display Solution Kit  
CAM files (Gerber plots) 11 Dec 2012 87 kB Low Power Display Solution Kit  




Product Category Product Name Issue Date Description Remarks
Project Factory demo sample code and project 7 Dec 2012 Full source project, v1.0 for IAR EWB, tested on IAR 1.20.4, and using Applilet3, © 2012 BNS Solutions.  





E Ink Corporation is the creator of electronic ink — the optical component of a proprietary film used in Electronic Paper Displays. Although futuristic in concept, electronic ink is a straightforward fusion of existing knowledge in chemistry, physics and electronics. E Ink displays offer high contrast, superior paper-like readability and low power consumption, drawing power only when switching the display.


E Ink Corportation
733 Concord Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138
Phone: 617.499.6000



BNS Solutions is an engineering and technical marketing consulting firm specializing in embedded systems, battery system design, portable product design, wireless, and PC connectivity. Our forte is creating simple and accurate interfaces between products and the real world. Our experience in the manufacturing, instrumentation, and battery worlds results in successful and cost effective designs.


BNS Solutions can take a product from concept through production, or assist anywhere along the way. Our designs include high volume consumer products, industrial products, portable systems, machine control, IC evaluation hardware and software, temperature and environmental measurements, data logging, smart battery systems, video systems, and PC interfacing hardware and software. BNS Solutions has proven to be an innovator in all the industries we serve. BNS Solutions’ customers have won industry and best of show awards and have been awarded over 45 patents based on our work.


BNS Solutions has developed a cohesive team, an extended network of engineers and technically-oriented consultants, and a reputation for providing innovative solutions.


Physical Address:
153 Washington Street
Walpole, MA 02032

Mailing Address:
Post Office Box 508
Walpole, MA 02081


Phone: 508.668.6132
Fax: 508.668.5377

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