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Flash Memory Reprogramming Kit by UART (M3A-2145G50) for M32R/ECU series

This product has been decided to discontinue selling.

The M3A-2145G50 connects the host PC's serial port to the M32R/ECU MCU serial I/O port on the evaluation board for starter kits and is a kit which realizes reprogramming control to the on-chip flash memory via direct UART communication with the flash reprogramming firmware which is stored in the M32R/ECU on-chip boot ROM. The M3S-UFLA32R is an on-chip flash memory reprogramming utility via UART communication and is built-in to the M3A-2145G50.


System Configuration Example

Window of M3S-UFLA32R

Contents of the Package



  • MF-TEN-NINE cable (M3A-0652CBL)*
  • Interface cable (M3A-2145G02)


*: The M3A-0652CBL is also sold individually.


Software (CD-ROM)


  • Flash memory reprogramming object for Starter kit (M3S-UFLA32R *)


*: M3S-UFLA32R is a free software without support.


Operating Environment (required on the user side)

(1) Recommended Host PC

Host Machine IBM PC/AT compatibles
OS Windows 2000, Windows XP
Communication port COM1

(2) M32R/ECU starter kit board and power supply


Combination with target MCU and target board

Target MCU Starter kit
32170/32174 group MCU M3A-2114G52, M3A-2114G52A
32171 group MCU M3A-2114G62, M3A-2114G62A
32172/32173 group MCU M3A-2114G72, M3A-2114G72A
32176 group MCU M3A-2152G52, M3A-2152G52A
32180 group MCU M3A-2142G52, M3A-2142G52A
32182 group MCU M3A-2142G62, M3A-2142G62A
32185/32186 group MCU M3A-2154G52B
32192/32195/32196 group MCU M3A-2154G52B, M3A-2154G52A

The object for M3S-UFLA32R can be downloaded from following.
M3S-UFLA32R executable file (ZIP:3.59MB)


Example of Connection with evaluation board

Interface Cable Target Board Connection
Color of IC Clips IC Clips Terminal Name
Red VCC VCCE Power Supply
Blue SCLK P87 Terminal
Yellow RXD P86 Terminal (RXD1)
Black GND GND Terminal
Green TXD P85 Terminal (TXD1)

Dispositivos alvo

Família Grupo
M32R Family
  • 32176 (Supported but discontinued)
  • 32185 (Supported but discontinued)
  • 32186 (Supported but discontinued)
  • 32192 (Supported but discontinued)
  • 32195 (Supported but discontinued)
  • 32196 (Supported but discontinued)

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