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Starter-Kit M3A-2114G72A for 32172/32173 Group

This product has been decided to discontinue selling.

  • The evaluation board includes M32173F2VFP with 256-Kbyte flash memory by IC socket.
  • Free from restrictions on MCU resources (ROM, RAM or I/O) during evaluation via on-board debugger by SDI
  • The evaluation board comes with through-holes for extension connectors to all ports except those used for power supply and MCU control.
  • Includes dedicated debugger front end accommodating M3T-PD32R (emulator debugger for M32100T-SDI-E) to GUI operation
  • The evaluation board can operate stand-alone after programming flash memory


Example of System Configuration

Contents of the Package



  • 32172/32173 Group Evaluation board
  • Compact emulator (M32100T-EZ-E) [Limited version for using only 32172/32173 Group MCU]


Software (CD-ROM)


  • Debugger front end (M3T-PD32RM)
  • Cross tool kit for the M32R Family (M3T-CC32R) [trial version]
  • SFR Header file, Sample program




  • Power supply cable
  • USB cable
  • RS-232C crossing cable
  • Cable to connect an evaluation board and compact emulator
  • Connector pitch converter to connect SDI interface board(M3A-2191)


Operating Environment (required on the user side)

(1) Recommended Host PC

Host Machine IBM PC/AT compatibles
CPU Pentium 3 500MHz or higher CPU is recommended.
Memory 192Mbytes or more system memory is recommended.
OS Windows 98, 2000, XP, Me

(2) Power supply (5V/1A)


32172/32173 Group Evaluation Board

Board Specification Mounted MCU M32173F2VFP
System clock 40MHz (f(XIN) = 10MHz, multiple-by-4)
MCU operation mode Single-chip mode
MCU internal memory Flash memory: 256KB
Input/Output function LED x 8: 1 port
Toggle switch x 8:1 port
VR control x 4: A-D converter (4 channels)
Reset switch
Connector Communication connector for compact emulator (34 pins)
RS-232C connector for serial communication
CAN communication connector
MCU functional evaluation connector (through-holes only) (Note)
Connector for serial ROM programmer (through-holes only)
RTD* Monitor tool connector (through-holes only) Power supply connector
Power supply 4.75V to 5.25V (0.5A or more)

*: Real-Time Debugger (RTD) is a serial interface to read or write the internal RAM from outside the MCU without CPU.


Note:Connecters from Hirose Electric Ltd. (PCN10-128P-2.54DSA equivalent) are compatible. For futher information, please refer to http://www.hirose.com.


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