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Ultra high-spec processing performance with quad-core Arm® Cortex®-A15 (1.4 GHz) and quad-core Arm® Cortex®-A7 (780 MHz) CPUs, with 3D graphics and video codec engine.


The RZ/G1H is Renesas‘ top-performing device for general-purpose applications. It is equipped with quad-core Cortex®-A15 (1.4 GHz) and Cortex®-A7 (780 MHz) CPUs, a DDR interface with two 32-bit DDR3 channels, a 3D graphics engine (PowerVR G6400 at 520 MHz), and two dedicated channels of hardware supporting encoding and decoding of full high-definition video. This high-spec processor is also equipped with high-speed USB 3.0, PCI Express, and SATA interfaces and other comprehensive peripheral functions. The high performance of the RZ/G1H allows it to carry out highly-complex graphics and image processing that, such as image recognition and authentication, while processing multiple video streams.



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Key Features:



Part Name R8A77420

Power supply voltage

3.3 V/1.8 V (IO), 1.5 V (DDR3), 1.03 V (Core, SATA, PCI Express, USB 3.0)

CPU core

Quad-core Arm® Cortex®-A15 and Quad-core Arm® Cortex®-A7

Maximum operating frequency

Arm® Cortex®-A15: 1.4 GHz, Arm® Cortex®-A7: 780 MHz

Processing performance

25000 DMIPS

Cache memory

Arm® Cortex®-A15

L1 instruction cache: 32 KB
L1 data cache: 32 KB
L2 cache: 2 MB

Arm® Cortex®-A7

L1 instruction cache: 32 KB
L1 data cache: 32 KB
L2 cache: 512 KB

External memory

Direct connection to DDR3-SDRAM with dedicated bus

Maximum operating frequency: 800 MHz

Data bus width: 32 bits x 2 channels

External expansion

Direct connection to Flash ROM or SRAM

Data bus width: 8 or 16 bits

PCI Express 2.0 (1 lane)

3D graphics

PowerVR™ G6400

Video functions

Video display interface x 3 channels
(2 channels: LVDS, 1 channel: RGB888)

Video input interface x 4 channels

VCP3 video codec module x 2 channels

IP conversion module

Video image processing functions
(color conversion, image enlargement/reduction, filtering)

Audio functions

Sampling rate converter x 10 channels

Serial sound interface x 10 channels

Storage interfaces

USB 3.0 host interface x 1 port (wPHY)

USB 2.0 host interface x 3 port (wPHY)

SD host interface x 4 channels (support SDXC and UHS-I function)

Multimedia card interface x 2 channels

Serial ATA interface x 2 channels

Other peripheral functions

DMAC in LBSC: 3 channels

SYS-DMAC: 30 channels

Audio-DMAC: 26 channels

Audio (peripheral)-DMAC: 29 channels

32-bit timer x 12 channels

PWM timer x 7 channels

I2C bus interface x 8 channels

Serial communication interface (SCIF) x 9 channels

Quad serial peripheral interface (QSPI) x 1 channel (supports boot function)

Clock-synchronized serial interface (MSIOF) x 4 channels (supports SPI/IIS)

Ethernet controller AVB

(IEEE 802.1BA, 802.1AS, and 802.1Qav, and IEEE 1722 compliance, GMII/MII interface, connectable with PHY devices)

Ethernet controller

(Built-in IEEE 802.3u-compliant MAC, RMII interface, connectable with PHY devices)

Controller area network (CAN) interface x 2 channels

Interrupt controller (INTC)

Clock pulse generator (CPG) with built-in PLL

On-chip debugging


Pin count /Memory size Lineup:



Block Diagram:

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RZ/G Linux Platform

Renesas offers "RZ/G Linux Platform" as system platform which is systematically organized Linux OS environment.



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