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Renesas Tools for the RL78

Renesas Tools for the RL78


Renesas Electronics and selected partners offer a comprehensive suite of hardware and software tools for the rapid evaluation and development of embedded systems built with RL78 MCUs.

Hardware development tools

A low-cost on-chip debugging emulator and a full-spec emulator are available. You can select the environment that best matches your debugging needs.


E1 on-chip debugging emulator


The E1 provides a wide range of support for Renesas microcontrollers at low cost.  This emulator connects to the RL78 MCU’s through its proprietary single-wire interface for efficient on-chip debugging.
E1 product details here


IECUBE In-circuit Emulators


Comprehensive break functions, trace functions useful for analyzing illegal operations, time measurement functions for measuring maximum/minimum/average program execution times, coverage functions for measuring program execution coverage rate, and more, are equipped as standards. 
IECUBE product details here


Third party programmers and programming adaptors


Third party programmers and socket adaptors details here

Naito Densei programming adaptor details here


Software development tools

The IAR Embedded Workbench for RL78 and the Renesas Applilet device driver generator are available to develop code quickly and efficiently. Applilet is a GUI-based tool that interactively generates device driver code to initialize and use on-chip peripherals.


IAR Embedded Workbench for RL78 details here


Download Applilet device driver generator AP4, Applilet3 for RL78


Flash Programming Libraries


Flash Self-Programming Library (Select RL78 and SelfLib_RL78)

EEPROM Emulation Library (Select RL78 and EEPROM_EMULATION_RL78)

FDL Software Library (Select RL78 and EEPROM_EMULATION_RL78)



Third Party Tools


IAR Embedded Workbench for RL78 (EWRL78)
Full C and C++ support, C-SPY -- debugger, and instruction simulator

CMX Systems

Real-time operating system for RL78
Download CMX-RTX RL78 Evaluation RTOS


μC/OS-II and μC/OS-III
Real-time operating system for RL78


Segger embOS
Segger logo Real-time operating system for RL78


FreeRTOS logo Real-time operating system for RL78