The ISL70218SRHMEVAL1Z evaluation board is designed to evaluate the performance of the rad hard ISL70218SRH and ISL70218SEH 40V precision low power operational amplifier. The ISL70218 is a single supply, rail-to-rail output, dual amplifier with ground sensing inputs that allow the common mode input voltage to swing 0.5V below the V- rail. The ISL70218 can operate from a single or dual supply with a 3V to 40V supply range. The ISL70218 features very low power, low offset voltage and low temperature drift, making it ideal for applications for precision instrumentation, current sensing and power supply and industrial process controls.


  • Single supply operation: +3V to +40V
  • Dual supply operation: +1.8V/-1.2V to ±20V
  • Singled-ended or differential input operation
  • External VREF input
  • Banana jack connectors for power supply and VREF inputs
  • BNC connectors for op amp input and output terminals
  • Convenient PCB pads for op amp input/output impedance loading


  • Precision instruments
  • Active filter blocks
  • Data acquisition
  • Power supply control


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star ISL70218SRHMEVAL1Z User Guide 手册 - 开发工具 PDF 425 KB
ISL70218SEH, ISL70218SRH Datasheet 数据手册 PDF 912 KB
ISL70218SEH Neutron Test Report 报告 PDF 346 KB
ISL70218SEH Total Dose Test Report 报告 PDF 342 KB
ISL70218SRH SEE Test Report 报告 PDF 896 KB


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ISL70218SRHMEVAL1Z Design Files PCB设计文档 ZIP 161 KB


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