The ISL6140/41EVAL1 evaluation board is used to evaluate the ISL6140 and ISL6141 8-pin, negative voltage hot plug/hot swap controllers. The ISL6140/41EVAL1 board set is made up of three boards: a bus board for input -48V power bus, control board for IC hot-plug functions and load board for load resistors and capacitors. The three board set allows the user to simulate plugging a board into a live edge connector or simulate plugging a live load into a motherboard.

The ISL6140 and ISL6141 hot swap/hot plug controllers allow a board to be safely inserted and removed from a live backplane. Inrush current is limited to a programmable value by controlling the gate voltage of an external N-channel pass transistor. The pass transistor is turned off if the input voltage is less than the undervoltage threshold, or greater than the overvoltage threshold.


  • Low-side external NFET switch
  • Programmable inrush current
  • Programmable electronic circuit breaker (overcurrent shutdown)
  • Programmable overvoltage protection
  • Programmable undervoltage protection
  • Power-good control output - PWRGD active low: (L version)


  • VoIP (voice over internet protocol) servers
  • Telecom systems at -48V
  • Negative power supply control
  • +24V wireless basestation power


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