The HIP4086DEMO1Z is a general purpose 3-phase BLDC motor drive with a microprocessor based controller. It demonstrates the HIP4086 80V, 500mA, 3-phase MOSFET driver IC.

Hall effect shaft position sensors are used to control the switching sequence of the three 1/2 bridge outputs. The bridge voltage can vary between 12V and 60V and the maximum summed bridge current is 20A (with sufficient air flow). This motor drive can be used as a design reference for multiple applications including e-bikes, battery powered tools, electric power steering, wheel chairs, or any other application, where a BLDC motor is utilized.

Because this demonstration board is primarily intended to highlight the application of the HIP4086 3-phase MOSFET driver with no specific application targeted, the control features are limited to simple functions, such as start/stop, reverse rotation, and braking. Open loop speed control is implemented. More advanced control features, such as torque control, speed regulation and regenerative braking are not implemented because these methods require close integration with the characteristics of the load dynamics.


  • Motor topology 3-phase BLDC motor with Hall sensors
  • Operating voltage range 15VDC to 60VDC
  • Maximum bridge current 20A (with sufficient air flow)
  • Hall sensor bias voltage 5V
  • PWM switching frequency 20kHz


  • E-bikes
  • Battery powered tools
  • Electric power steering
  • Wheel chairs
  • BLDC motor applications


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