MOSFETs suitable for switching (motor drive, etc.) and load switch applications. Low on-resistance, high-speed switching, and high-robustness.


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Active TO-220FPA Tube


文档标题 language 类型 文档格式 文件大小 日期
RJK6006DPP-A0 Datasheet 数据手册 PDF 161 KB
Technical Updates
Transistor Change of reel material 日本語 Technical Update PDF 224 KB
Changes of the shipping forms and materials by applying the unified packing specification 日本語 Technical Update PDF 695 KB
Inner box change according to dampproof bag change and dampproof bag change 日本語 Technical Update PDF 3.10 MB
Standardization of moisture-proof aluminum bags and addition of drying agent specifications (expansion of target products) 日本語 Technical Update PDF 324 KB
Change of inner packing label 日本語 Technical Update PDF 343 KB
Change of TO-3P Package for Power MOSFET 日本語 Technical Update PDF 536 KB
Addition of Production Line for MPAK 日本語 Technical Update PDF 214 KB
Change of content printed on the side of inner box 日本語 Technical Update PDF 31 KB
Addition of Shipping Tray Type for LQFP2020 Packages 日本語 Technical Update PDF 126 KB
LFPAK LFPAK-i Packing Specification Change 日本語 Technical Update PDF 78 KB
Change of Carrier Tape Material *Change from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) to polystyrene (PS). 日本語 Technical Update PDF 41 KB
Lead Free method change of TO-3PFM externals transistor 日本語 Technical Update PDF 61 KB
Changing the plating composition on the lead terminals (Lead-free) 日本語 Technical Update PDF 28 KB
Spec change of packing(RENESAS unified packing specification) 日本語 Technical Update PDF 381 KB
应用指南 & 白皮书
Attention of Handling Semiconductor Devices 日本語 应用文档 PDF 648 KB
Avalanche Guarantee for Power MOS FET Application Note (D18464EJ2V0AN00) 日本語 应用文档 PDF 585 KB
Unification of a JEDEC tray and a embossed carrier tape for LQFP package (Additional Information & Correction) 日本語 产品变更通告 PDF 4.86 MB
Unification of a JEDEC tray and a embossed carrier tape for LQFP package ( PC-WRP-A001B/E ) 日本語 产品变更通告 PDF 3.74 MB
Unification of a JEDEC tray and a embossed carrier tape for LQFP package ( PC-WRP-A001A/E ) 日本語 产品变更通告 PDF 1.46 MB
Analog ICs Brochure 日本語 手册 PDF 4.20 MB
Discrete & Power Devices Brochure 手册 PDF 3.72 MB
半导体封装安装手册 English, 日本語 其他 PDF 15.77 MB