The ISL85403 is a 40V, 2. 5A synchronous buck or boost-buck controller with an integrated high-side MOSFET and low-side driver. In Buck mode, the ISL85403 supports a wide input range of 3V to 40V. In Boost-Buck mode, the input range can be extended down to 2. 5V and output regulation can be maintained when VIN drops below VOUT, enabling sensitive electronics to remain on in low input voltage conditions. The ISL85403 has a flexible selection of Forced PWM mode and PFM mode. In PFM mode, the quiescent input current is as low as 180µA (AUXVCC connected to VOUT). The load boundary between PFM and PWM can be programmed to cover wide applications. The low-side driver can either be used to drive an external low-side MOSFET for a synchronous buck or left unused for a standard non-synchronous buck. The low-side driver can also be used to drive a boost converter as a preregulator followed by a buck controlled by the same IC, which greatly expands the operating input voltage range down to 2. 5V or lower. ISL85403 offers robust current protection. It uses peak current mode control with cycle-by-cycle current limiting. It is implemented with frequency foldback under current limit condition; also, the hiccup overcurrent mode ensures reliable operations under harsh short conditions. The ISL85403 has comprehensive protections against various faults including overvoltage and over-temperature protection.


  • Buck mode: input voltage range 3V to 40V
  • Boost mode expands operating input voltage lower than 2.5V
  • Selectable Forced PWM mode or PFM mode
  • 300µA IC quiescent current (PFM, no load); 180µA input quiescent current (PFM, no load, VOUT tied to AUXVCC)
  • Less than 5µA (MAX) shutdown input current (IC disabled)
  • Operational topologies
    • Synchronous buck
    • Non-synchronous buck
    • Two-stage boost buck
    • Non-inverting single inductor buck boost
  • Programmable frequency from 200kHz to 2.2MHz and frequency synchronization capability
  • ±1% tight voltage regulation accuracy
  • Reliable overcurrent protection
    • Temperature compensated current sense
    • Cycle-by-cycle current limiting with frequency foldback
    • Hiccup mode for worst case short condition
  • 20 Ld 4x4 QFN package
  • Pb-free (RoHS compliant)


  • General purpose
  • 24V bus power
  • Battery power
  • Point of load
  • Embedded processor and I/O supplies


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star ISL85403 Datasheet 数据手册 PDF 2.53 MB
ISL85403EVAL1Z User Guide 手册 - 开发工具 PDF 1.29 MB
R16AN0005: Achieving a Regulated Supply (5V or 12V) from an Input Range of 3V to 40V using the ISL85403 Rev.1.00 应用文档 PDF 485 KB
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R16ZZ0001: Tips for Using the ISL85403 in Boost-Buck Mode 其他 PDF 1.02 MB
ISL85403 Boost-Buck Regulator iSim:PE Model 原理图 SXSCH 285 KB
ISL85403 Buck Regulator iSim:PE Model 原理图 SXSCH 261 KB
ISL85403 Buck-Boost Regulator iSim:PE Model 原理图 SXSCH 276 KB


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iSim:PE Offline Simulation Tool Simulator iSim Personal Edition (iSim:PE) speeds the design cycle and reduces risk early in any project, identifying parts that can be used in current as well as next-generation designs. Renesas


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ISL85403DEMO1Z 2.5A Regulator with Integrated High-Side MOSFET Demonstration Board 演示 Renesas
ISL85403EVAL2Z 2.5A Regulator with Integrated High-Side MOSFET Evaluation Board 评估 Renesas