The ISL85005EVAL1Z platform allows for a quick evaluation of the high-performance features of the ISL85005 buck regulator.

The ISL85005 is a 4.5V to 18V input, 5A synchronous buck regulator for applications with an input voltage from multi-cell batteries or regulated 5V and 12V power rails. This device also provides an integrated bootstrap diode for the high-side gate driver to reduce the external parts count.

The ISL850xx sync buck regulators support input voltages of 3.8V to 18V and a wide output current range, offering designers a complete portfolio of devices with high efficiency and reliable performance.


  • Switch selectable EN (enabled/disabled)
  • Jumper selectable MODE (DEM/Forced CCM)
  • Internal and external compensation options
  • Frequency synchronization option
  • Connectors and test points for easy probing


  • Network and communication equipment
  • Battery powered systems
  • Multi-function printers
  • Point-of-load regulators
  • Standard 12V rail supplies
  • Embedded computing systems


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