The IDT P9030 is a highly-integrated single-chip Qi standard-compliant wireless power transmitter IC for power transmitter design A1. The device operates with a 19V adapter, and supplies an integrated half-bridge inverter for DC/AC conversion. It controls the transferred power by modulating the switching frequency of the half-bridge inverter from 110kHz to 205kHz at a fixed 50% duty cycle as specified by the Qi standard for an “A1” transmitter. The transmitter contains logic circuits required to demodulate and decode Qi-compliant message packets sent by the mobile device to adjust the transferred power.

The P9030 also features multi-mode operation, supporting both the Qi wireless power standard as well as customer proprietary protocols with dynamic detection and switching between protocols for maximum flexibility in wireless power transmission. Value-added proprietary features include advanced multi-layered Foreign Object Detection (FOD) for safety, 2-way secure authentication between base and mobile, and power delivery up to 7.5W for faster charging times. IDT’s wireless power transmission solution is complemented by its rich portfolio of wireless power receiver ICs; offering customers additional features for next-generation devices equipped with wireless power transfer capabilities.

NOTICE: This device is restricted to high volume and strategic applications only. For most customers, consider using our general market devices found at


  • True single-chip for wireless power transmitter solutions
  • 5W specification, with up to 7.5W wireless power transfer in proprietary mode
  • Fully Qi certified
  • Multi-mode capable with dynamic switching capability
  • 19V +/- 10% operating input voltage for WPC Tx-A1 and Tx-A10 configurations
  • Integrated high-efficiency half-bridge inverter
  • Proprietary base-to-mobile communication for authentication
  • Programmable option for added security and encryption up to 64-bit for 2-way authentication
  • Total System Efficiency >73% when used with IDTP9020 Power Receiver IC
    • DC-AC efficiency > 90%
    • DC-DC buck efficiency > 90%
  • Proprietary advanced multi-layered foreign object detection(FOD) for safety
  • Over-temperature/voltage/current protection
  • Compact 6x6-48 TQFN package


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