This is a digital signal processing IC that converts the signal from the resolver sensor for a brushless DC motor and stepping motor into an angle signal and a position signal for an RX MCU.

The RAA306400XGFP is an R/D (Resolver/Digital) conversion IC that converts the resolver detection signal (electrical angle information), which is an analog signal based on the mechanical rotation angle of the resolver, from a one-phase excitation two-phase output type resolver sensor (angle sensor) into a digital signal that is then output.

  • Reduce tack time with high-speed response scans that you can't achieve with other Resolver to Digital Converter (RDC) ICs
  • Supports both voltage and current detection methods and implements a winding error correction function so there is no selecting the resolver manufacturer
  • Improved availability of motors and resolvers
  • The cost of the device (RDC IC) is reduced by using some of the motor control MCU functions that are always required and simplifying the RDC circuit



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RX24T Group Vector Control of a Two-Phase Stepping Motor Incorporating a Resolver Sensor Rev.1.31 - Sample Code
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RX24T Group Using the Driver for Resolver-to-Digital Converter Control Rev.1.20 - Sample Code
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