TW2828 is a display and recording MUX chip with HD SPOT capability designed to work with popular H. 264 CODEC on the market today. TW2828 provides a clean and cost effective MUX solution to the multi-channel PC HD DVR marketplace. On the embedded DVR market, using TW2828 in conjunction with a host SOC can deliver the most cost effective solution on the market.


  • Four byte interleaved BT.656 ports each supporting up to 4 SD (108 MHz) and 4 960H (144 MHz) signals for a total of 16 SD video input signals
  • Five frame interleaved BT.1120 ports, each supporting up to 148.5 MHz for a total of 20 HD signals. One port (PB5) is shared with GPIO port
  • Four frame interleaved BT.656 ports (shared with the lower half of the BT.1120 port), supporting up to 16 SD (or 960H) signals in frame/field interleaved format
  • Supports input resizing, cutting and cropping
  • Supports channel cascading
  • Supports popular sizes such as: 1920x1080i50, i60, 1920x1080p50 or p60,720p50 and p60
  • Max pixel clock: 148.5MHz
  • Capable of displaying up to 36 SD Channels by using byte interleaved inputs and frame interleaved inputs
  • Motion Box (MD) on all live channels
  • See Datasheet for full list of features


器件号 Part Status Pkg. Type Carrier Type MOQ Buy Sample
Active LBGA Tray 84


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