The MK1704A is an upgraded version of the MK1704 and is recommended for all new designs. It offers more reduction in the frequency amplitude peaks and will support frequencies up to 140 MHz. The MK1704A generates a low EMI output clock from a clock input. The part is designed to dither the LCD interface clock or other clocks for flat panel graphics controllers. The MK1704A uses IDT's proprietary mixture of analog and digital Phase Locked Loop (PLL) technology to synthesize the frequency. It also uses IDT's patented technique to spread the frequency spectrum of the output, thereby reducing the frequency amplitude peaks by several dB. IDT offers many other clocks for computers and computer peripherals. Consult IDT when you need to remove crystals and oscillators from your board.


  • 8 pin SOIC package
  • Pb (lead) free package
  • Provides a spread spectrum output clock
  • Supports leading flat panel controllers
  • Accepts a clock input, provides same frequency dithered output
  • Optimized for higher resolutions that require up to 140 MHz, as well as 40 MHz (SVGA) and 65 MHz (XVGA) clocks
  • Peak reduction by 7 dB - 14 dB typical on 3rd - 19th odd harmonics
  • Low EMI feature can be disabled
  • Operating voltage of 3.3V or 5V
  • Advanced, low power CMOS process
  • See the MK1714-01 for a multiplier with low EMI which can operate from a crystal


器件号 Part Status Pkg. Type Lead Count (#) Temp. Grade Pb (Lead) Free Carrier Type Buy Sample
Obsolete SOIC 8 C 是的 Tube
Obsolete SOIC 8 C 是的 Reel