In order to easily develop large-scale and complicated E/E architectures, we provide Virtual Platform (VPF) that realizes software development without an actual device and Software Development Kit (SDK) that runs on VPF.

By Yutaka Funabashi, Principal Software Engineer -- 2022-05

Wireless charging in the stylus improves user experience and reduces the thickness of the stylus; RA9520 stylus reference design with rod coils showcases high efficiency and a small solution area.

By Gopi Akkinepally, Wireless Power Marketing Manager -- 2022-05

Evaluate motor control via EtherCAT effortlessly using provided hardware and software components.

By Bhushan Patel, Sr Staff Product Marketing Specialist -- 2022-05

Announce Renesas’s full commitment to meet ISO/SAE 21434 for its automotive microcontrollers (MCUs) and system on chip (SoC) solutions effective with new developments from January 2022.

By Kazunari Matsuoka, Senior Manager -- 2022-05

This is a highly integrated, yet modular and flexible, charger cradle, supporting independent power rails to recharge TWS earbuds and hearing-aids.

By Michael Joehren, Solutions Architect -- 2022-05

The ability to sense air quality with low cost and miniature sensors has now been enabled with standards-based definitions from global governments and industry associations.

By Dave Simpson, Director of Marketing Industrial Sensing -- 2022-05

Kim looks at the importance of security certifications and explains how embedded developers can be assured that the heart of their product’s security works correctly.

By Kimberly Dinsmore, Embedded Security Specialist -- 2022-05

本期将对支持基于AI的手势应用开发的QE for Capacitive Touch的实际易用性和所创建手势的识别精度进行讲解。

By Hiroto Takagi, Sr Staff Software Engineer -- 2022-05

数据作为单独的事实、或者统计后的数据还可以是各种信息的汇总,重要性越来约显著。对这些数据流的需求、可用性和部署都呈现出前所未有的增长。 然而,只有在分析数据,提炼内涵并为决策提供了更好的见解,数据才有意义。 使用不同的科学方法和算法,如模式识别、数据挖掘和 KDD,从大数据中抓取对业务的洞察被称为数据科学。 数据科学能够为业务提供更深刻的洞察力和理解,以指导和提高工作效率,并为业务预测提供支持。

By Suad Jusuf, Senior Manager -- 2022-05

您是否正在努力进行手动ISP调整和大量令人困惑的参数优化以改善图像? RZ/V2M 的“调优 ISP”是您一直在寻找的答案,可以缩短开发时间并加快上市时间 (TTM)。

By Shinji Yamano, Principal Specialist -- 2022-05