The ISL55110EVAL2Z evaluation board is used to evaluate the ISL55110 dual, high-speed MOSFET drivers.

The ISL55110 is intended for applications requiring accurate pulse generation and buffering. Target applications include ultrasound, CCD imaging, piezoelectric distance sensing, and clock generation circuits.

With a wide output voltage range and low ON-resistance, these devices can drive a variety of resistive and capacitive loads with fast rise and fall times, allowing high-speed operation with low skew, as required in large CCD array imaging applications.


  • Scope probe connections
  • BNC connections
  • Power down feature
  • 5V to 12V pulse amplitude
  • High current drive 3.5A
  • 6ns minimum pulse width
  • 1.5ns rise and fall times, 100pF load
  • Low skew
  • 3.3V and 5V logic compatible
  • In-phase outputs


  • Ultrasound MOSFET drivers
  • CCD array horizontal drivers
  • Clock driver circuits


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ISL55110, ISL55111 Datasheet データシート PDF 914 KB
star ISL55110_11EVAL1Z, ISL55110_11EVAL2Z User Guide マニュアル-開発ツール PDF 732 KB


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isl55110_spice_model Model - Other TXT 3 KB