The PowerNavigator software makes it easy to change all features and functions of your digital power supply design using a simple graphical user interface.


Just as important as making devices that are easy to design in, we're committed to delivering solutions that are also easy to use. Using our digital power technology, you can completely configure the features and functions of a power supply with just a click of a mouse using the PowerNavigator software. PowerNavigator is a full-featured GUI that connects to your digital power design using the industry standard PMBus interface. The introductory screen of PowerNavigator presents telemetry information, voltage, current, temperature, status information, and some basic configuration options.

Changing the output voltage of the power supply for example is as easy as typing in the new value and the voltage changes on command.

It is just this simple to change any and all of the features and functionality of the power supply.

Simply smarter power with the PowerNavigator GUI means faster designs, leaving you time for more important things.