This webinar provides training for the ISL8274M and ZL9024M 30A/30A dual channel and 33A single channel digital PMBus step-down power modules.


ISL8274M and ZL9024M 30A/30A Dual Channel and 33A Single Channel Digital PMBus Step-Down Power Modules

Welcome to the product training presentation for the ISL8274M and ZL9024M. The ISL8274M and ZL9024M are the latest addition in Renesas’ family of fully encapsulated power modules. This presentation will give you a brief overview of the devices’ feature set and performances.

Renesas Power Module Solutions

By integrating the switching controller, FET drivers, FET transistors, inductor, and most passive components, a power module provides the simplest and fastest time to market. The power modules only require a few external components to operate; they are easy to use and configured for a variety of operating points and conditions; and, offer some of the highest power densities on the market.

The ISL8274M expands Renesas’ portfolio of encapsulated digital power modules and provides customers the first digital dual 30A power supply. The ZL9024M provides the first digital single channel 33A power supply. Both devices deliver point-of-load (POL) conversions for advanced FPGAs, DSPs, ASICs, and memory used in servers, telecom, datacom, optical networking, and storage equipment.

ISL8274M 30A/30A Dual Channel Digital PMBus Step-Down Power Module

The ISL8274M is a complete PMBus enabled DC/DC, dual channel, step-down advance power supply, capable of delivering up to 30A per channel and optimized for high power density applications. Operating across an input voltage range of 4.5V to 14V, the ISL8274M offers adjustable output voltages down to 0.6V and achieves up to 95.5% conversion efficiencies. A unique ChargeMode control architecture provides a single clock cycle response to an output load step and can support switching frequencies up to 1.06MHz.

The power module integrates all power and most passive components and requires only a few external components to operate. A set of optional external resistors allows the user to easily configure the device for standard operation. For advanced configurations, a standard PMBus interface addresses tasks such as sequencing and fault management, as well as real-time full telemetry and point-of-load monitoring. Additionally, the non volatile memory can store the desired custom configuration and settings. And, PowerNavigator, a design and configuration software, fully supports the ISL8274M, providing the power designer with an intuitive and easy to use interface that reduces the development time for the overall power train solution.

A fully customizable voltage, current and temperature protection scheme ensures safe operation for the ISL8274M under abnormal operating conditions.

The ISL8274M comes in a small, 18mm x 23mm footprint, thermally enhanced HDA package. It only requires a few external components to operate making it a perfect solution for an easy design-in without sacrificing performance or reliability and is ideally suited to power the latest generations of ASICs, DSPs, FPGAs, and memory.

Typical Application

The typical application diagram shown here is a good illustration of how easy the ISL8274M is to design in. The only external components required to operate are the input and output capacitors along with a few decoupling capacitors and resistors. A set of optional external pin-strap resistors allows the user to easily configure the device for standard operations when typical values are desired for a subset of operating parameters such as output voltage and switching frequency. In this mode, no programming or communication through the PMBus is required and usage can be made of the dedicated control pins which provide a direct mean to enable the device and monitor power good status. The ISL8274M datasheet provides precise guidance to select these components based on the exact operating mode and performance expected.

ZL9024M 33A Single Channel Digital PMBus Step-Down Power Module

The ZL9024M is a 33A step-down DC/DC power supply module with integrated digital PWM controller, synchronous power switches, an inductor, and passives. Only bulk input and output capacitors are needed to finish the design. The 33A of continuous output current can be delivered without a need for airflow or a heatsink thanks to the thermally enhanced HDA module that is capable of dissipating heat directly into the PCB.

The ZL9024M uses the ChargeMode control architecture, which responds to a transient load within a single switching cycle. The device comes with a preprogrammed configuration for operating in a pin-strap mode; output voltage, switching frequency, and device SMBus address can be programmed with external resistors. More configurations such as soft-start and fault limits, can be easily programmed or changed using a PMBus compliant serial bus interface. PMBus can be used to monitor voltages, current, temperatures, and fault status. The ZL9024M is also supported by the PowerNavigator software.

The ZL9024M is available in a 40Ld compact 17mm x 19mm HDA module with a very low profile height of 3.55mm, suitable for automated assembly by standard surface mount equipment.

Technical Highlights

Let’s take a look at some of the technical highlights for these two parts.

Fast Transient Response to Output Load Steps

The ISL8274M control loop architecture not only provides flexibility in selecting the operating switching frequency, it also provides for an extremely fast control loop response to any output current load steps. The absence of any compensation components reduces the feedback loop response to a minimum and the ISL8274M is capable of reacting to an output load step within one single clock cycle. Additionally, digital knobs, the ASCR gain and residual, addressable through the PMBus or through an external pin-strap resistor, allow for fine customization of the control loop performance and therefore of the transient response. This is a key benefit for the power designer. The ISL8274M does not require additional output capacitance to reduce the output voltage variations following a load step. Hence, the external capacitors footprint is kept to a minimum.

Performance – Efficiency per Channel

The proprietary ChargeMode control loop architecture combined with the high performance of board FETs allows the ISL8274M to achieve very high efficiency. This is a critical performance that reduces the thermal stress on the device and facilitates thermal management of the overall system. In addition, the ISL8274M can be configured to operate at up to 1MHz with its internal clock providing extreme flexibility when optimizing efficiency and transient response performances.

Thermal Performance

Thermal management is one of the greatest challenges in high power module design. Ultimate power rating, especially at high ambient temperature, is dictated by the module’s electrical and mechanical design. Using thermally efficient packages that can move the heat out of the module enables better thermal performance.

The ISL8274M is built upon Renesas' patented single-layer conductive substrate in a high density leadframe array package (HDA). This technology provides excellent thermal conductivity to dissipate heat because of the single conductive layer of material. When combined with excellent efficiency, effectively reducing the amount of power dissipated inside the device, it allows the ISL8274M to supply more than 25A of continuous output current at 85 °C of ambient temperature with 200LFM (linear feet per minute) on a 12V to 1V conversion.

Performance – Efficiency and Derating Curve

Capable of achieving a peak efficiency of 92.5%, the ZL9024M also provides excellent efficiency over a wide range of output currents and conversion ratios.

Like the ISL8274M, the ZL9024M utilizes our differentiated packaging technology to safely deliver more than 25A of continuous current at 85 °C ambient temperature on a 3.3V to 1.2V conversion, thereby delivering 30W of power at 85 °C ambient temperature with 200LFM (linear feet per minute) airflow.


Here are some of the tools available to help support the product.

Supporting Tools

Samples, evaluation boards and related documentation are available to download or order online.

Full documentation, support and design tools are also available online. Visit the ISL8274M and ZL9024M product pages for the latest information on these devices and to access the available online tools and resources.