This video discusses the ISL6730A power factor correction (PFC) controller at APEC 2013.


Hello my name is Evan Jian. Today I'm at the APEC 2013 conference introducing to you the power factor controller ISL6730A and this is our ISL6730xEVAL1Z evaluation board. We have the input voltage from 85V to 265V of 50Hz or 60Hz and output voltage of 390V and 0.23A. First, I will run the demo board with an input voltage of 85V, frequency 60Hz and turn the power on, and let's take a look at this power meter. It will show the input power factor is as high as 0.9997 and input current THD is as low as 1.8%. And this is the wave form showing in the oscilloscope. We can visualize by seeing this input current and input voltage wave forms. Here we have just very small distortions at the zero crossing point. That will help us to improve greatly the THD and the power factor.

I'm going to run the input voltage at 265V, 50Hz and turn the power on. And let's take a look at the power meter again. The power factor is still maintained as high as .9948 and the input current THD is below 6%, and we can take a look at the scope wave forms. The wave forms look nice.

The ISL6730 PFC controller also provides us an option of skim mode at light load to help us to improve the light load efficiency. So if the output load is dropped to below twenty percent of the full power, then we can take a look at the scope wave forms. This can help us to improve the light loading frequency. This is basically the advantages of the ISL6730 PFC controller. To learn more information please visit www.renesas.com.