Renesas’ Digital IC Burn-in System solution is based on a high performance RA4 microcontroller (MCU), high performance power solutions and power monitoring analog front-end ICs. The RA4 Arm®-based MCU could can fully meet your requirements for system control. The ISL8272M and ISL8277M high performance power modules provide PMBus interfaces to adjust the output voltage of power supplies on tested ICs and best thermal performance in the market. The ISL28023 power monitoring IC provides feedback for the high precision testing voltage and current. With these solutions from Renesas, customers can make their burn-in system more compact and flexible for different ICs.

System Benefits

  • RA4M1 integrated CTSU/12-bit ADC/display/USB with high performance
  • ISL8272/ISL8277M PMBus compliant power modules provide the best flexibility for different voltage requirements in testing systems
  • The ISL28023 precision power monitoring analog front-end helps to optimize testing system accuracy
System Block Diagram

Digital IC Burn-in System

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