Due to today’s power saving requirements, digital inverters for refrigerators are becoming more popular. A compressor driven by a digitally controlled inverter has the power to adapt itself to the usage habit of the consumer throughout the day and it can operate at various speeds. It will speed up during the day as you open and close the doors, and at night, slow down to maintain the temperature. This simple action can save users 20% to 30% on their electric bill.

This design uses a combination of the RL78/G14 16-bit microcontroller (MCU) and READ2302 operational amplifier (op amp) to ensure an adaptable and robust solution for this type of application. Supporting a power rating up to 350W, this design uses the MCU to control the BLDC compressor motor (180-degree sine wave control) and the op amp is used for motor current sensing using the 3-shunt control methodology.

Key Features

  • Adaptable to different compressors
  • Improved system efficiency and energy usage
  • 180-degree sensorless FOC control
System Block Diagram

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