As more individuals are living longer, a sharp demand for healthcare products is increasing. The smart crutch provides auto alerts, such as GPS tracking, whether a user has fallen down, heart rate, etc., via the NB-IoT module. The smart crutch also integrates a heating element to the handle, as well as LED lighting. Additional features include IoT functions for auto-SOS, key-SOS, cloud/app monitoring, real-time positioning, tracking and monitoring, and other location-based services (LBS). This reference design features a microcontroller (MCU), temperature/humidity sensor, light sensor, sensor module, and power products.

System Benefits

  • The RA4M1 32-bit MCU provides rich communication and a touch sensor
  • Features the ISL29035 light sensor, OB1203 sensor module, and HS3003 high precision temperature/humidity sensor
  • Includes a high-efficiency charger and low quiescent current (IQ) power
System Block Diagram

Smart Crutch

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