To begin TSN compliant product development soon.

Next generation network solution based on advanced TSN technology


Can be made immediately with RZ/N1: TSN ES (End Station)

Equipped with the subset functions of TSN necessary for TSN ES
Available to develop basic ES with RZ/N1 quickly.

Easy to make with RZ/N1: ES compatibility on both existing protocols and TSN

With RZ/N1, which also supports major existing protocols, it is possible to develop ES compatibility on both by communization of the development environment and the PC board.

Products corresponding to next generation TSN are also under development

Plans to provide products compliant to the IEEE 802.1 TSN standard.
It is possible to develop TSN compatible products such as PLC, Switch, ES etc.


A demonstration of Renesas products corresponding to TSN (Time Sensitive Networking), the next generation network. In addition to the TSN-compliant switch under development, we are now using the new RZ/N1 product for TSN-compliant ES (end stations).

In addition to traditional best-effort type Ethernet communication, TSN can communicate packets containing equipment control system data in real time by adopting a time-shared queuing algorithm called TAS (Time Aware Shaper).

The demonstration includes a TSN Talker (Server) which controls the slider and transmits the position information, TSN Listener (Client) which receives the position information and displays it on the LCD display, a Best Effort Traffic Generator which generates packets for loading the network, a TSN switch that connects each device, and which demonstrates that communication between the Server and Client can be performed in real time in this network configuration without being hindered.

The TSN Talker (Server) and TSN Listener (Client) in this demonstration are made possible with the new RZ/N1 product. By using RZ/N1, TSN compliant ES products can be developed more quickly.

Added on 2018-05-12