Reliably acquiring certification in a short time

A function safety support program that drastically shortens the certification period.


Reliably acquiring certification by being provided at once.

By providing SIL*1 3 certified products including the genuine C compiler (CC-RX), reference materials, certification acquisition support, we will be sure to be certified.
*1 SIL: Safety Integrity Level

Certification achievement period: Achievements of average shortened from 3 years to 1 year.

Demonstrated sharp reduction in acquisition period as customer's adopted achievements.
Introduction, concept review/review, the implementation evaluation, in particular showed outstanding results.

"Full" support for establishing a safe factory

Corresponding to products for PLC, motor drive, sensor, remote I / O.
RX's rich lineup makes it possible to make various types of factory equipment safe.


This demonstration imagines a factory that is managed by a small number of people, with large-scale automated robotic production areas automated by a robot. Dangerous situations such as machine malfunctions and personnel entry are monitored on a high safety level by safety functions. Also, in order to quickly identify the accident occurrence location, the location is photographed with the camera and the upper operator is notified. The system is also supposed to quickly recover from non-operation due to accident occurrence.

"Equipment such as safety remote IO, robot monitoring units, safety networks, etc. were developed by our RX function safety support program. CC-LinkIEsafety is operating on a safety network with a RIN32 plus RX631 configuration."

Added on 2018-05-12