Insulation monitoring system Leakele®

Satori Electric Co., Ltd.

【Satori Electric Original Insulation Monitoring System Leakele®

The “Insulation Monitoring Device Leakele”, used to monitor the leakage occurrences in factories and offices.

The capacitance components (Igc) in leakage currents (Io) may cause malfunctions of circuit breakers and leakage alarms, and igc generation has a tendency to increase with the spread of inverter equipment nowadays. These advocate the correct leakage monitoring as a current problem.

In our company, we have employed the patented technology to correctly measure insulation resistance deterioration components (Igr) that are linked to electric shocks and accidents. With this technology, we are able to correctly and accurately measure Igr, record the measurement values and generate an alarm depending on each CH’s threshold setting.

It complies up to 600V, and one unit can monitor from maximum 8 places.
It is also possible to conduct remote monitoring and configuration changes to Leakele via PC.
RZ/A1H is installed in the main CPU.

This solution is currently built according to specifications for use within Japan. For use outside of Japan, please consult with Satori Electric.

Added on 2018-05-12