Real Time OS Virtual Environment INTEGRITY Multivisor for R-Car H3

Advanced Data Controls Corp.

It demonstrates the virtualization technology powered by R-Car H3, referred to as INTEGRITY Multivisor. The guest OS makes us of Yocto Linux, provided by Renesas.


In INTEGRITY’s native application, the meter class will be quickly drawn upon powering it on. In the Linux guest OS, the IV type applications will be independently executed, and its high performance can be seen with the quick image transfer using the touch panel and the fast inter-process communication. Regarding INTEGRITY Multivisor, INTEGRITY itself is a hypervisor, thus, if in case the guest OS Linux crashes, there will be no effect to INTEGRITY’s native application meter class and it can safely continue to function. In this model, you can also start up Linux only. With this, crashes will not occur for the entire system and a high performance and safety factor can be guaranteed. Thus, in-vehicle infotainment integration is made possible.

Added on 2018-05-11

It is a demo that introduces the MULTI debugger Software Trace function and the new History Function from the MULTI V7.
MULTI corresponds with Renesas E2 simulator and RH850 individual devices. The demo introduces debugging in an E2 emulator and RH840 evaluation board environment.

In the Software Trace function, the trace function of RH850/F1L is utilized, and a detailed analysis of the program being debugged is displayed on the MULTI debugging trace window. The local and global variables data at that time is displayed together with a time stamp.

The History feature displays graphs made with analysis data taken using the Software Trace function such as variable callgraphs in chronological order and the transition of global variables.

With the Software Trace function of MULTI debugging, and the History function it will be easy to analyze programs and identify areas where problems occur. Along with the Time Machine function, the MULTI provides a more advanced development system or debugging environment.

Added on 2018-05-11