Support for heterogeneous multi core processors with one RTOS

eSOL Co., Ltd.

This demo will introduce the scalable real-time operating system (RTOS), eMCOS, developed by eSOL Co., Ltd., to enable heterogeneous computing. eMCOS is used in autonomous driving systems platform. eMCOS can support all heterogeneous 8 cores in R-Car H3, composed of Arm® Cortex®-A57 4 cores and Arm® Cortex®-A53 4 cores.

In this demo, eMCOS POSIX runs on R-Car H3's Salvator-X evaluation board. Using its integrated eBinder Version 2 IDE, debugging and run-time operation analysis are conducted. eBinder task/system level debugger allow you to freely switch the target context without worrying about on which core(s) to be executed, and break or step individual tasks without stopping the entire system. Tasks within a process can also be debugged. eBinder also offers various system analysis tools such as: EvenTrek which easily analyzes the complex conditions of multi-core systems, PartScope which obtains and displays control information of processes and tasks in real time, Real-time Profiler which obtains profiling results of tasks to perform bottleneck analysis and Message Profiler which analyzes the condition of message transmission within eMCOS POSIX.

In addition to eMCOS and eBinder, we will support the multi-core system development using R-Car H3 with a comprehensive solution including software parallelization tools, test tools, and professional services.

eMCOS Features:

  • A distributed microkernel architecture, that is different from any existing single-core or multi-core RTOS architecture
    • Provides the scalability to support not only different numbers of cores but also heterogeneous hardware configurations with a mix of device architectures, such as FPGAs, GPUs, and microcontrollers with on-chip flash memory.
    • A microkernel is allocated to every core to offer basic services, including inter-core message passing, local thread scheduling, and thread management. The microkernel is equipped with only minimal functions and is very compact.
  • eSOL's unique scheduling algorithm, Semi-priority-based Scheduling™ (Japanese Patent No. 5734941, No. 5945617)
    • Enables high performance, scalability and real-time capabilities essential for embedded systems
  • eMCOS POSIX, a POSIX-compliant profile of eMCOS
    • Facilitates the use of Linux software assets and engineering resources
  • eBinder, the Eclipse-based development environment capable of plug-in extension
    • Just like development on a single-core processor, you can utilize eBinder's task-based iterative development model, and debug both SMP and AMP programs

Decentralized micro-kernel architecture

Distributed microkernel architecture

Decentralized micro-kernel architecture

Semi-priority-based Scheduling

eBinder screen (Real-Time Profiler)(Real-Time Profiler)

eBinder screen(Real-Time Profiler)

eBinder screen(EvenTrek)

eBinder screen(EvenTrek)

Added on 2018-05-11