High-quality 3D surround view system with 2M pixel camera
High-quality 3D surround view system

Cogent Embedded, Inc.

【High-quality 3D Surround View System】

It is a 3D surround view system made by combining the R-CarH3 Starter Kit and our company’s camera IF board.
A high quality 3D surround view has been achieved by connecting the 2M pixel camera with FPD-LINK.
Automatic calibration and color correction compensation function are also built-in.
In addition, face recognition and object recognition functions can also be equipped.

Added on 2018-05-11


It is one example of FASTBOOT with a system composed of Salvator, a camera, speaker and monitor.
In this demo, using Linux for the OS, it is optimized to quickly run the camera image display, the audio output and drawing by OpenGL, realizing running with approximately 1 second.
Our company’s FASTBOOT analyses the customer’s system, including the power, boot loader, BSP, IO device, driver, Linux OS and application, providing the optimized implementation to meet the demand of accelerating running and exiting.

Added on 2018-05-11