1. Introduction of Image Transfer Technology Automotive network solutions
2. Demo that introduces Telematics Solutions using RTOS

Ryosan Company, Limited

This is the demo that introduces video transmission technology that uses Ethernet AVB/Miracast as automotive network solutions.

  1. The smartphone image will be sent using the Wi-Fi video transmission technology Miracast, and it will be received by the Starter Kit with built-in R-Car M3, which has been likened to Navi.
    Time synchronization, priority control and bandwidth guarantee are constructed on the network via the Ethernet AVB, and low latency multi-cast reception is done via the R-Car M3 Starter Kit likened to RSE.
  2. The image displayed likened to Navi on the reference board of the R-Car M2 is encoded by H.264, and transferred (source) to the tablet with the Wi-Fi visual transfer technology Miracast.
Added on 2018-05-11

This is a demo that introduces Telematics Solutions that use RTOS.
Adopting RZ/G1H fir the MCU, and iTron for the OS, it demonstrates an operation of the RC that has passed through the cloud.
The operation data of the PS3 controller is inputted to the RZ/G1H. It will be transferred to the cloud from the automotive LTE module connected to the RZ/G1H’s USB I/F through the RNDIS/MQTT. The steering data is re-sent from the cloud to the RC, and the RC operation will be actualized.

Added on 2018-05-11