Smart Infrastructure Implemented with “e-AI” ~ Application Example of Device Coordination

Renesas Electronics Corporation

This is a demonstration of a parking lot management system that coordinates various edge devices on a real-time basis. By controlling and connecting cameras, gates, and the guiding lights to the gateway that can easily connect various edge devices, vehicles are guided safely to the most optimum parking space.

In addition, management and control can be optimized by introducing built-in artificial intelligence (e-AI), which utilize databases, into the gateway. By doing so, it is possible to automate the tasks that require manual labor conventionally, and ultimately to reduce the administrative costs of parking lots and other facilities.

The following video is a model demonstration of a large parking lot, such as one found in a shopping mall, and as you can see in the video, the number plates of vehicles entering the lot are recognized, then the vehicles are guided in real-time by gates and guiding lights to the optimum location.