Sleep Tracking Solutions Using Neck Pulses

Renesas Electronics Corporation

This is a demo for a caregiver support system that monitors sleep.
The system reduces the burden on caregivers by monitoring the sleeping patterns of elderly and sick patients through their pulse, analyzing this data, and sending the results to the cloud via the home’s gateway. It can also send notifications to the caregiver and the security company if an alarm indication signal (AIS) detected.
This video showcases a system using neck pillow end devices with embedded sensors, a home gateway, and a RoBoHoN*.
Using the neck pillow allows the system to monitor the patient’s status during sleep, and identify any problems (such as breathlessness), and makes human-like interaction possible through the use of the RoBoHoN.

*“RoBoHoN” - a mobile robot phone developed by Sharp Co., Ltd.

Added on 2018-05-11