Renesas offers solutions for gas and water meters that accurately measure the flow, monitor various sensors and provide long-term, stable operation.

Flow Meter Solutions

Flow meters require the usage measurement, display its result, a monitoring function that uses information from various sensors for a safe supply, a function for data communication with external devices, and they require low power consumption and high reliability to stably operate for the long-term.

To support these requirements, Renesas offers a lineup of RL78/L1x microcontrollers (MCUs) that support three LCD drive voltage generation methods. In addition to the LCD display function, Renesas has a lineup of RL78/H1D equipped with a UART that can communicate up to 19200bps with subsystem clock (38.4kHz), and sampling output timer/detector function that is suitable for rotation detection by MR sensor. For communication unit solutions, Renesas offers ultra-low power Sub-GHz RF driver equipped products to support IEEE 802.15.4g/4e, which is essential for Wi-SUN applications.

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Gas Meter

Renesas' RL78/H1D and RL78/L1x Series MCUs achieve operation with ultra-low power consumption and improve the fail-safe function of the microcontroller by equipping a highly reliable watchdog timer (WDT) and a built-in oscillator circuit which make it less prone to abnormal oscillations, making it suitable for gas meter usage that requires stable operation with a high level of reliability.

Water Meter

Renesas’ RL78/L1x MCUs can operate across a wide range of voltages and achieve ultra-low power consumption in the standby state. In addition, Renesas provides various packages lineup which meet your requirement. Also, RL78/H1D makes customers easier to build a system by equipping a timer supporting magnetoresistive (MR) sensor for rotation detection.

Related Technologies

 Rotation Detection Solution

The movement of the rotating body is converted into an electrical signal using magnetic sensors and coil sensors, and the rotation measurement is achieved by measuring the pulses. One of the main applications of this rotation measurement technology is gas and water meters which need to be battery powered and must operate for a long period of time. In order to meet these requirements, Renesas offers rotation measurement solutions that utilize microcontrollers that operate in a low power consumption mode.