A single-phase power meter requires the electrical power calculation that measures accurate power consumption from current, voltage, and clock information, and the clock function that operates on a battery when there is a power outage. The power meter must have stable operation during a specified period of time. Further, the smart power meter needs to meet the security requirements of the DLMS international standard and so on.
Renesas offers microcontrollers for single-phase power meters realizing accurate power metrology and highly-integrated reliability.

The RL78/I1B microcontroller realizes the accurate metrology by a 24-bit ΔΣA/D converter integrated with a phase adjustment circuit and high-pass filter function, and by a real-time clock with clock error correction function. The RL78/I1B is also equipped with LCD controller/driver functions and a high-speed on-chip oscillator with clock frequency correction function, making it ideal for basic single-phase power meters.

In addition, the RL78/I1C microcontroller is equipped with an encryption/decryption processing hardware engine supporting AES encryption GCM mode which is a security requirement for the DLMS standard and so on, making it ideal for smart power meters that communication functions are required.

Electronic power meter  (Single-Phase)

System Block Diagram

System Block Diagram

Recommended Products
Block Semiconductor device Recommended products Features, etc.
Control MCU RL78/I1B Group 16-bit CPU, 24-bit ΔΣADC, LCD controller/driver, battery back up
RL78/I1C Group 16-bit CPU, 24-bit ΔΣADC, LCD controller/driver, battery back up, AES encryption engine, Data Flash
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