Renesas offers an extensive lineup of microcontrollers for smart power meters, backed by solutions to meet a range of customer requirements.

Smart Power Meter Solutions

A power meter consists primarily of a metrology unit and a communication unit. The metrology unit requires accurate measurement and clock operation that conforms to the international IEC/ANSI standards, and the metrology unit for smart power meter requires security features which support DLMS standards. Renesas offers metrology solutions for single-phase 2-wire, single-phase 3-wire, 3-phase 3-wire and 3-phase 4-wire meter systems.

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Single-phase Power Meter

A single-phase power meter requires the electrical power calculation that measures accurate power consumption from current, voltage, and clock information, and the clock function that operates on a battery when there is a power outage. The power meter must have stable operation during a specified period of time. Further, a smart power meter needs to meet the security requirements required by the DLMS international standard and so on.

Three-phase Power Meter

A three-phase power meter needs to deal with more current and voltage information compared to a single-phase power meter and requires analog input for a maximum of seven channels and high processing capacity for power calculation. Further, the smart power meter needs to meet the security requirements of the DLMS international standard and so on.