Detectors and sensors are surely one of the fastest growing markets, being driven by the  development of mutilpe applications within the Internet of Things. More and more detectors and sensors are used for monitoring purposes, especially in building automation systems, like access control system & security system or fire protection system. As a consequence, the detector kit is the perfect reference tool your solution to the increasing demand for developing more intelligent sensors in a shorter time!


The solution kit provides an ideal platform for starting the evaluation and test of 4 detectors demonstrators. This is the perfect starting point for the development of a new detector or sensor.

Every board has the adequate sensor depending on the measurement that needs to be done, on what needs to be detected:


Glass Break detector demonstrator uses a microphone to detect noise that emulate glass break event.

Carbon monoxide detector (CO detector) demonstrator uses a chemical sensor

Motion detector demonstrator uses a specific PIR sensor based on infrared technology to detect movement.

Smoke detector demonstrator uses Infrared light emitter and receptor to detect the smoke into the chamber.

All boards are processing the measurement coming from these sensors with thanks to amplification and filtering stage done by the microcontroller.

All boards are featuring the new Renesas RL78/I1D microcontroller has the central element of the demonstrator board. Each detector or sensor  application will benefit of the outstanding integration of the RL78/I1D MCU with his 4 channels of operational amplifier, 2 channels of comparators in order to  enhance processing capabilities. On top of this , the new is the perfect device for implementing battery operating applications, because of a bench of features that optimized the power consumption.

Kit Contents

The detector kit Detect-it! is including:

  • 4 different types of detector hardware demonstrators
    • Glass Break detector demonstrator
    • Carbon monoxide detector demonstrator (also name CO detector)
    • Motion detector demonstrator
    • Smoke detector demonstrator
  • 1 CD with documentation
  • CR 123 battery
Ordering Information


Part number: YDETECT-IT-RL78