This is a solution for three-phase brushless DC motor inverter control (vector control, 120-degree energization control) using a microcontroller.


RX family

RL family

※For the RL family, purchase and connect the RL family CPU card to the inverter board of the above 24V Motor Control Evaluation System for RX23T.

RA family

※When you use the RA6T1 CPU card and need an additional inverter board, use the Renesas Evaluation System for BLDC Motor (RTK0EMX270S00020BJ).

Please download the softwar from the website

Control Method Rotor Output RX13T RX23T RX24T RX24U RX66T RX72T RL78/G1F RL78/G1G RL78G1M RL78/G14 RA6T1
Vector control Sensorless     〇※
Encoder   〇※      
120 degrees
Conduction Control
Hall sensor          

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Motor Control Evaluation Board (RX23T)

Motor Control Evaluation Board (RX23T)

BLDC motor (24V, 6W) × 1
Inverter board × 1
RX23T (64-pin) CPU card × 1

RX24T CPU Card

RX24T CPU Card

Motor Control Development Support Tool

Motor Control Development Support Tool


Brushless DC motor control for fans, pumps, compressors, etc., in HVAC units.