Software Development Environment (Applilet EZ for HCD, Applilet EZ for DALI Control Gear)


This tool can be used to create sample code for LED lighting and communication software and to program this software to hardware. Simply specify dimmer operations or communication modes in the GUI to generate digital power control (PFC, DC/DC) or DALI/DMX512 communication software code. The software created in this way can then be programmed automatically to the MCU’s flash memory via a USB cable so that you can check its operation on the evaluation board. Applilet EZ for HCD is available for download free of charge on the Renesas website.

  • Dramatically reduces the workload required to develop and evaluate LED control and communication software.
  • Allows evaluation of LED lighting or illumination systems without requiring an extensive knowledge of MCUs and MCU environments.
  • Generated program code can be edited in an integrated development environment (IDE).

Applilet EZ for HCD