"Herstellerinitiative Software (HIS) Recommended Optimization AUTOSAR" is a sub-set specification stated by HIS, an organization consisting of five German auto-makers, for applying AUTOSAR specification Release 3.1 to mid-range microcontrollers.

AUTOSAR specifications are currently adopted in microcontrollers with relatively large memory and high CPU performance. However, AUTOSAR specifications support for 16/32-bit microcontrollers with smaller memory size is required. Therefore, in the latter half of 2009 HIS released the "HIS Recommended Optimization AUTOSAR" specification as a recommended optimization configuration based on AUTOSAR specification Release 3.1.

Compared to the AUTOSAR specifications, program size under "HIS Recommended Optimization AUTOSAR" can be smaller, allowing on-chip memory for program storage on a microcontroller to be reduced. CPU load can also be reduced, freeing up more resources for application processing.

Renesas is responding quickly to "HIS Recommended Optimization AUTOSAR", and is providing the industry's first development environment for "HIS Recommended Optimization AUTOSAR" jointly developed with Elektrobit Corporation (EB).

BSW Reduction of Memory Size

HIS Recommended Optimization for AUTOSAR

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