This multi-core SoC is built around three Arm11™ MPCores™ delivering excellent processing performance up to 1440 MIPS (when operating at 400 MHz) and integrates on-chip high-performance graphics functions and high-speed serial interfaces such as PCI Express and serial ATA. It delivers on a single chip composite video output for rear-seat entertainment (RSE), an LCD controller with dual-display support, and audio routing functionality employing multi-channel I2S and a MediaLB interface. The on-chip audio and video ADC/DAC functions also contribute to reduced system cost.

System Block Diagram

EC-4260 System Block Diagram

Item EC-4260 Specifications
Type name µPD35003-MNA
Power supply voltage 1.25 V (internal) / 3.3 V, 1.5 V, 1.8 V (external)
Maximum operating frequency 400 MHz
Processing performance 1440 MIPS (at 400 MHz)
CPU core Arm11™ MPCore™×3
On-chip RAM Local Memory: 8Kbytes
Cache memory 32 Kbytes instruction/32 Kbytes data (each CPU), 4-way set associative type, built-in snoop control unit for cache coherency
External memory Support for connecting a channel of DDR3-SDRAM (DDR1066) modules with 16-bit bus width
Max. operating frequency: 533 MHz Support for direct connection of SRAM or ROM to expansion bus
Extension bus Address space: 64 Mbytes × 6
Main on-chip peripheral functions 2D/3D graphics engine
Display unit × 2 channels
Video input interface × 3 channels
Serial ATA interface
SD host interface × 3 channels
I/O for sound interfaces × 6 channels
USB 2.0 Host/Function interface
PCI Express interface
Dedicated DMAC × 52 channels
Controller Area Network (CAN) interface × 2 channels
Media local bus interface × 1 channel
UART x 8 channels
I2C bus interface× 2 channels
Clock serial interface x 8 channels
Timer × 4 channels
A/D converter interface (12-bit) × 12 channels
Video A/D converter interface (10-bit) × 4 channels
Video D/A converter interface (10-bit) × 1 channel
Interrupt controller
Real-time clock
Debugging Function (JTAG, ETM trace)
Power-down modes Wait mode
Standby/Standby+ mode
Dormant mode
Package 720-pin BGA (27 mm × 27 mm)

*Arm is a registered trademark of Arm Ltd. Arm11 and MPCore are trademarks of of Arm Ltd.
All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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