The low voltage inverter for 2/3 wheelers traction motor control is a reference design for high power 48V motor control applications. The reference design features AEC-qualified digital, analog and power products.

The reference hardware has relevant peripherals to help implement motor control techniques, such as 120° trapezoidal, vector control and volts per frequency (V/F) control.

Design files are available on request to shorten time-to-market.

System Benefits

  • Reference solution includes inverter hardware design files (schematic and gerber) and sample demo software, allowing for fast evaluation and development for real-life use cases
  • Supports connection with vehicle input/output (I/O), brake sensors, accelerators, gear and drive modes, and pulse width modulation (PWM) outputs for the digital clusters
  • LIN master and slave ports to connect with ride-by-wire throttle and on-board diagnosis (OBD) ports, respectively. The CAN port allows access to other engine control units (ECU) and sensor information on the vehicle (e.g. speed or torque command settings for the drive)
  • The 48V power stage of the inverter can be scaled per customer requirements
  • Supports sin/cosine resolver, hall, encoder sensor and inductive position sensor input for rotor position
  • Verified function and performance proven with customer designs

Low Voltage Inverter for 2/3 Wheeler Traction Motor Control Reference Board

System Block Diagram

Low Voltage Inverter for 2/3 Wheeler Traction Motor Control

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