Renesas Electronics Corporation

Categories: Safety

This library consists of self-test software functions and guidelines to assist in compliance with the IEC 60730 Class B safety standard for household appliances.

Electronic household appliances require specific testing to ensure safety and reliability compliance. Class B standards are control functions intended to prevent unsafe operation.

The software routines can be implemented in any system for self-testing of Synergy S5D9 MCUs. The routines are to be used after reset and during program execution, but can be integrated into the overall system design as desired.


The diagnostics software library contains software tests for:

  • CPU
  • Volatile memory (user RAM)
  • Non-volatile memory (Flash ROM for code and data storage)
  • Clock Frequency Accuracy Measurement Circuit (CAC)
  • Independent Watchdog (IWDT)
  • Low Voltage Detection (LVD) module
  • 12-bit A/D Converter (ADC12)
  • Temperature Sensor (TSN)
  • Port Output Enable for the GPT (POEG) module

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