[Integrated Development Environment based on the “Eclipse” supporting the Renesas MCU]

Renesas e² studio is a development environment based on the popular Eclipse CDT (C/C++ Development Tooling), covers build (editor, compiler and linker control) as well as debug interface.

A wide range of compilers including Renesas’ compilers can be integrated into e² studio. Combined with the extremely powerful editor functionality and project management tools of Eclipse CDT, e² studio offers a state-of-the-art coding environment for Renesas embedded controllers.


New release: e² studio V7.4.0
Project creation, build, and debugging are now available for the RX72T group.

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e² studio: The Integrated Development Environment for Renesas MCU

With the e² studio, developer can use

  • Renesas/Partner compilers and emulators for building and debugging.
  • Code editor with handy functions of eclipse CDT such as auto code complement, code navigation or code refactoring.
  • Perspective, the efficient placement of windows and proper contents for each development phase.
  • Various additional functions that can be updated via the Internet.

Overview of e² studio

Release Information

e² studio

Recommended New Functions: "Solution Toolkit"

Renesas provides convenient functions for software development as e² studio plug-in "Smart Utilities".

For more details, please refer to Solution Toolkit. >>

Remarkable Features: From Creating Project to Debug

Project Generator and Code Generator

Verified Renesas MCU source codes are readily available

e² studio includes a project generator to speed up the initial project set up. The development engineer can select device, initial compiler options and debuggers. e² studio will then prepare a preconfigured project with all the necessary support files such as device specific headers etc. The project is now ready to build and debug.

Moreover, Renesas supports code generation tools: 'Smart Configurator' and 'Code generator'.

Smart Configurator generates ready-to-use codes for Renesas microcontrollers with some GUIs such as pins, clocks and interrupts.

For information of supporting devices, please refer to Smart Configurator web page. >>

Code generator is automatic driver generation tool for internal peripheral I/O modules of Renesas microcontrollers. Developer can generate drivers for peripheral I/O modules through simple settings by GUI interface. (Some Renesas devices are not supported.)

For more details, please refer to Code generator Plug-in. >>

Code generator Plug-in

Import other IDE Project

CS+ and High-performance Embedded Workshop projects can also be used in e² studio

e² studio can import project which was generated by other IDE (Integrated Development Environments): CS+ or HEW (High-performance Embedded Workshop).

e² studio can also export the project to CS+. The project import function is supported in e² studio V 2.1 or later, CS + V 3.00.00 or later, and CubeSuite + V 2.00.00 or later.

For more details, please refer to Migrating Between Integrated Development Environments. >>

Eclipse CDT Editor

Easy-to-use editor available with various functions

The Eclipse CDT (C/C++ Development Tooling) editor built into e² studio offers extremely powerful functionality specifically designed for C/C++ developers. These features include:

  • Automatic code complement (variable names, function names, struct/union members, #define symbols, correction codes in code format standard, spelling check, etc.)
  • Keyword color coding of source code for easy recognition of special strings, syntax, condition statements
  • Powerful code navigation (Project browser, functions or variables by including #include, functions, hierarchical types, Jump to definition of functions or macros)
  • Comment and code folding options
  • Automated code constructs (if, while, do..while etc.)
  • Pre-processor checking in edit (#ifdef code low-lighted if not true)
  • Code refactoring (Changing name of variable at once, Simplifying function codes)

Target Building

Builder with GUI configuration of compiler, linker, etc...

e² studio can build with Renesas or Partner compiler. Compilers should be installed on e² studio individually and specific compiler can be selected before building.

For information of supporting devices by Renesas or Partner compilers, please refer to table. >>

Single uniform built-in GUI configures all toolchain options and it automatically generates 'makefile' to perform build process.


Support simulators and emulators of Renesas and Partners

The standard GDB debugger supplied as part of the Eclipse CDT includes support for common debug functionality such as CPU register display, memory manipulation, simple breakpoints and run control.

All these features have been implemented in e² studio however Renesas has also developed number of extensions to enable access to advanced debug functionality available on the target devices.

Extended debugger plug-ins are supplied in e² studio to support real time memory, real time trace, peripheral register display and complex hardware event breakpoints etc. The exact feature support depends on the device family and debug hardware used.

In addition, extended debugger plug-ins support Renesas and Partner emulator such as E1, E2, E2 Emulator Lite, E20, Segger’s J-link, etc...

Debugger plug-ins


Show proper windows and contents for various development situation

The 'Perspective' is the setting of windows placement and contents for providing efficient environment to various development situations like code building, debugging and so on.

For example, "Smart Configurator" perspective is shown after generating new project if MCU which is supported "Smart Configurator" was chosen as target device. If configurations of clocks, pins, interrupts are finished, "C/C++" perspective will be helpful for coding and building. After successful building, "Debug" Perspective will be shown if debug is run. If codes are needed to modify, "C/C++" perspective will be shown by clicking icon of "C/C++" Perspective at upper right side or selecting menu [Windows – Perspective – Open Perspective - C/C++]. In this manner, software development for Renesas MCU can be processed smoothly and efficiently by changing “Perspective”.

There are other perspectives for various situation like teamwork (team synchronizing) or watching resources or call flow (Tracing). Furthermore, customized perspective is enable.

Eclipse Integrated Development Environment Framework: Easy to Expand Functions

e² studio consists of eclipse integrated development environment framework, CDT plug-in and various additional plug-ins. This structure enables to add and support various compilers and plug-ins easily.

Therefore, after installation of e² studio, additional Renesas plug-ins such as QE(Quick and Effective tool solution) and Partner plug-ins can be installed separately.

Renesas provides e² studio installer including all packages of Eclipse SDK(Software Development Kit) and eclipse plug-ins. Please refer to the documents about Eclipse platform (Note4) and CDT plug-in (Note5) published from www.eclipse.org.

e² studio has functions such as building, coding, debugging by Renesas or Partners plug-ins and can expand open functions by installing new plug-ins.


  1. e² studio can be downloaded and used for free.
  2. For Renesas Compiler, separate purchase is required.
  3. e² studio supports Renesas’ simulator and emulator E1, E2, E2Lite, E20. For details, please refer to table >>
  4. Eclipse version of last e² studio is V4.7.3(Oxygen). For details, please refer to release web page. >>
  5. CDT version of last e² studio is V9.4.3. For details, please refer to release web page. >>

On Line Updates

e² studio periodically checks for plug-in updates and users can update features through Internet. The frequency of update checking is configurable at [Install/Updates] in workspace property dialog.

Tables of Functions Support Devices

Target Builder

Target Device Build (Supported compiler)
RX  (Note2)
RL78  (Note2)
RH850  (Note1)  (Note1)
RZ  (Note2, 3)
Renesas Synergy  (Note3, 4)  (Note4)

 Supported | — Not supported


e² studio supports C/C++ Compiler packages V2.00.01 or higher for RX family, and C Compiler packages V1.01.00 or higher for RL78 family.

Download e² studio >>

If the above compiler packages for CS+ are already installed on the PC, e² studio can use them without additional installation.

Download CS+ >>


GNU compiler can be installed by selecting during installation of e² studio (need connection to the Internet) or downloading from GNU compiler web page. (Refer to Notes from 2 to 4).


IAR Embedded Workbench from IAR Systems

ELF/DWARF type modules were built by IAR, Embedded Workbench of IAR Systems, and can be debugged on e² studio by installing plug-in that is downloadable from IAR Systems' download web page.

For more detail refer to Download Plugins >>

Please ask for information about IAR Embedded Workbench and compilers in the IAR Systems Website.

IAR System corporation Web Page: http://www.iar.com


ELF/DWARF type modules were built by MULTI, IDE of Green Hills Software, can be debugged on e² studio.


  1. e² studio supports debug functions only.
  2. GNU tools (GNURX, GNURL, GNUARM-NONE) can be downloaded and used for free from the following website. You can also get technical supports from the GNU Web page by registering requests in English or Japanese.
     GNU TOOLS & SUPPORT: https://gcc-renesas.com/
     Contact the same site with any technical inquiries regarding the GNU tools.
  3. If you use RZ family or Renesas Synergy, You can user GNU Arm Embedded tool chain for free. The tool chain is downloadable from the link below.
     (GCC 6.2; 6-2016-q4-major or higher version) arm Developer >>
     (GCC 5.4; 5-2016-q3-update or lower version) Launchpad.net >>
    Relation between GCC version and tool chain version >>
  4. For Renesas Synergy, please use IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas Synergy or e² studio ISDE. You can download them for free from the following website.
    Renesas Synergy Platform >>

Target Debugger

Target Device Debug (Supported emulator)
Renesas Simulator E2 emulator E1 emulator E2 emulator Lite E20 emulator IECUBE Segger J-Link
RX  (Note1)  (Note2)
RH850  (Note3)
Renesas Synergy

 Supported | — Not supported


  1. Current consumption measurement function for Renesas devices via JTAG connection is under development.
  2. Only functions of E1 Emulator can be used for all RX devices other than RX600 and RX700.
  3. From e² studio version 7.0, E2 Emulator supports RH850. Only functions of E1 emulator can be used.


Target Device (Note1) Code generator Smart Utility
Family Group Smart Configurator Smart Manual Smart Browser Assistant for Optimization
Renesas Synergy (Note2)

 Supported | — Support is not planned.


  1. For more information about supporting devices, please refer to each Smart Utilities tools page.
  2. Code Generator supports Synergy Software Package that is downloadable from Renesas Synergy Web Page. >>

QE(Quick and Effective tool solution): Tools for Supporting Development of Various Applications

Target Device (Note1) QE for USB QE for BLE QE for TCP/IP QE for Display QE for Camera QE for UART QE for Current Consumption QE for Capacitive Touch
RX  (Note2)
Renesas Synergy

 Supported | — Not supported


  1. For more information about supporting devices, please refer to each QE tools page.
  2. Current measurement via JTAG connection is under development. Please use FINE connection for current measurement.

Target Devices

e² studio has been developed to support the key promotion families of Renesas controllers:

For details, see the e² studio Release Note.


  1. Supports debugging function only.
  2. Supports SH Family device projects in V5.4.0 or earlier versions only.

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